Recipes: LOLA Signature Dish – Cellentani Pasta


Why stick to the usual BBQ when you can make something unexpected, refreshing, and healthy for a special holiday (4th of July) or just a Summer get together with friends?

LOLA’s signature dishes are only made available by Chef Mic Cripe at the LOLA House. However, if you can’t make it to Napa Valley, we’d love to have you recreate our favorite dish whenever you feel like it! We assure you that LOLA’s Cellentani with Charred Broccolini & Cortez Bottarga will be a crowd pleaser!

LOLA's Signature Healthy Recipe - Cellentani Pasta - Cellentani Pasta  With Charred Broccolini & Cortez Bottarga


News & Updates from LOLA’s Four-Legged Resident

Greetings from LOLA the Dog


Hi, Everyone. This is LOLA. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen everyone, so I want to give you an update about me and what’s going on at LOLA.

1. I just attended the Wags & Wine event recently where we helped raise a lot of money for my less fortunate four-legged friends. I hope with everyone’s kind donations, we’ll be able to help find them really great caretakers and homes.

2. I’ve been really busy this Summer keeping everyone company at the new LOLA House (aka my palace in Napa Valley). Can you tell that I’m really excited and happy to live in my new home?

3. I’m currently on a camping trip with my friend, LOLA Wines founder and winemaker Seth Cripe and his really cool friends. There are tons of activities that I can’t participate, such as abalone hunting and surfing, but I’m pretty happy here to just help them keep an eye out at the camping site.

I hope you are having just as great of a Summer as I am.


Seth Cripe and LOLA at the LOLA House


LOLA Camping in Northern California

Inspire Community – LOLA’s Founder and Winemaker’s Interview with AMI Radio 1700AM

AMI Radio Station Interview with Seth Cripe


Winemaker, Entrepreneur and Anna Island native, Seth Cripe, recently spoke with Anna Maria Island Radio AM 1700 about his passion for creating the next generation of American wine. 

Listen to the full interview here to find out Seth’s path from a self-taught wine enthusiast at an early age to a well traveled and learned winemaker after spent his 20s at some of the most renowned wineries in the world. Now the proud owner of LOLA Wines, Seth is more passionate and enthusiastic than ever about the wine business and creating the next generations of great Californian wines.

Seth Cripe LOLA Wines Winemaker