A Spring Weekend at the LOLA House

The LOLA Garden Calistoga

LOLA Weekend Dinnertable

Every weekend brings with it a certain sense of freedom, relaxation, and the comfort of knowing that we can finally take a break from work. At the LOLA House, we look forward to our weekends, and the time when we can entertain, relax, and enjoy Springtime in Calistoga with friends and family. And it just happens to be a full house at the LOLA House this weekend! We have friends and family from Venice Beach, Florida, and New York happily joining us. With the weather and landscape as beautiful as it is, we try to take every opportunity we can to be outside.

We started our Saturday hiking and exploring the vineyards, with our guests from the house, and Lola leading the pack. After a full morning of sunshine, scenery, and a warm breeze that seemed to follow us on our trails, we were lucky to find Seth’s mother Nancy’s special spaghetti (tossed with fresh shaved bottarga) waiting for us for our LOLA lunch. Paired with a crisp and refreshing glass of LOLA Dry Riesling, it was simple yet elegant California wine country experience. After lunch, it’s back to nature with a trip to Calistoga’s famous hot springs before heading back to the LOLA House to prep for an evening of festivities.

Dinnertime is when the LOLA House really begins to come to life. In and out of the kitchen, our house chef and Seth’s brother Mic already had a full menu planned. Fresh vegetables from the LOLA garden and local seafood make the perfect choice for any coastal Californian meal. Dinner al fresco with LOLA family and friends started with a wine tasting of Seth’s Sparkling Rose and LOLA Dry Riesling, this was paired with a medley of local cheeses and cured seafood. Our favorites from dinner include: the LOLA Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley, and a Chardonnay from the Sonoma Coast to pair with Chef Mic’s LOLA Signature Asparagus with Bottarga On Egg, and Pan Seared Swordfish. Both of which were clean yet decadent. Each dish was packed with fresh flavors and seasoned to perfection with the addition of umami-packed golden bottarga from Anna Maria Fish Company. However, the best part of our dinner party at the LOLA House was after our meal when we sat around the open fire pit talking, drinking wine, and enjoying a piece of freshly made mango pie.

LOLA Weekend Trees

LOLA Weekend Spaghetti

LOLA Weekend Veg

LOLA Weekend Seth

LOLA Weekend Asp

LOLA Weekend Dinner

LOLA Weekend Mango Pie