We’ve created this space with the intent to share with our customers and wine lovers an opportunity to explore and dive deeper into the wine world as we see and experience it. 

   The LOLA Blog combines the expertise of Seth Cripe, the founder and winemaker of LOLA Wines, and Anthony Anselmi, LOLA’s National Sales Director and one of only 269 people in the world who have passed the final sommelier certification level and earned the title Master Sommelier!! Seth will give his insights on his 25+ years of experience on farming and winemaking. While Anthony will share his incredibly broad knowledge gained throughout his 30 years devoted to the wonders of the world of wine history and tasting. Together they’ll explore how soils, climate, culture, tradition, winemaking decisions, amongst many other things, impact a grapes journey from the soil and climate from where it came, all the way until it finds itself as wine in your glass!

   As well, since the relationship with wine walks hand and hand with our beautiful California wine country, and with gastronomic experience, we will also be sharing with you our local recommendations for exploring the amazing restaurants in our area!! In addition, we will keep you up to date on all that’s happening at “The LOLA House” in Calistoga. We hope that all of this will provide you with some fun and stimulating insight into our world, our minds and our passion for wine and food!

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