Did you know our winemaker Seth Cripe and his family were the first to produce Bottarga in the U.S.?

The pristine waters of the Florida gulf coast, off of Anna Maria Island and connecting village of Cortez, are home to one of this country’s last wild fisheries.  Seth Cripe, a Florida native, started Cortez Bottarga with the mission of working to support his friends and family’s way of life as fisherman, and preserve it for the livelihood of future generations.  Upholding our cultural integrity and increasing economic development in the Gulf region is part of our greater commitment to supporting fishing that ensures the ecological health of our oceans, their marine life and their surrounding communities.

We do it all – fishing sustainably using hand-thrown cast nets, cleaning the mullet, cutting out the plump golden roe, curing the roe with kosher sea salt and then pressing and drying it to ensure optimum quality.  This is all completed within days, thereby creating the freshest bottarga you will ever try.  This vibrant delicacy adds a wonderful complexity to dishes with its bright flavor and balanced salinity.  We are confident that we are able to produce the truest expression of striped grey mullet bottarga in the world.

Cortez Bottarga has become the bottarga of choice to the finest chefs in America, including:

    • Thomas Keller (The French Laundry, Per Se)
    • Kristopher Kostow (The Restaurant at Meadowood)
    • Frank Stitt I (Highlands Grill, Bottega)
    • Michael White (Marea, Ai Fiori)
    • Daniel Boulud (Cafe Boulud, Bar Boulud)
    • John Besh (August, Domenica, Borgne)
    • Justin Smillie (ll Buco Alimentari, Upland)
    • Sean Brock (Husk)
    • Donald Link (Herbsaint, Pesce)

These many fine chefs and restaurants use bottarga in a variety of ways – as an accent topping to salads, pizzas, vegetables and seafood, as the main ingredient to the traditional Sardinian delicacy of bottarga pasta and as an appetizer sliced or shaved on toasts with olive oil and black pepper. The versatility of bottarga as an ingredient is constantly being discovered and refined in today”s progressive food movement. Once you get a taste for it…you may just put it on everything.

Inquiries about Cortez Bottarga, contact us at info@wearebottarga.com.

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