Recipe: Whole Snapper with Bottarga Butter

Whole Fish w. Bottarga Butter

Whole Fish w. Bottarga Butter

We like to keep it in the family here at LOLA and during the summer season we like to use Cortez Gold Bottarga on nearly everything. Mic Cripe, Director of Operations Anna Maria Fish Company and Chef treated us to a great summer meal of Whole Red Snapper with Bottarga Butter a perfect accompaniment for LOLA Chardonnay.


2 cloves garlic (whole)
4 sprigs of thyme
4 lemon slices
salt, pepper, olive oil


Remove guts & scales. Pat dry with paper towels or lint free kitchen towel. Olive oil, salt & pepper the inside of the belly. Stuff the garlic cloves near the mouth, lemon slices, thyme. Lightly olive oil, salt, pepper both sides of the red snapper.


1lb. butter (un-salted)
4oz. bottarga (micro-planned)
2Tbs. sea salt
1Tbs. chili flakes


Soften butter, add bottarga, sea salt, chili flakes. Mix thoroughly.


1 whole snapper (prepped)
2 garlic cloves (sliced)
Fresno chili (4 thin slices)
1/2c. white wine
1c. vegetable stock
1 Tbsp. sea salt
4 Tbsp. bottarga butter
2 Tpsp. chives (chopped thin)
1/4c. bread crumbs


Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees. Heat large skillet to high heat. Once pan begins to smoke, add 1 tsp. olive oil. Place prepped red snapper side down into the pan. Let roast for 4-5 minutes without disrupting. Once the skin is browned and crispy, flip & repeat to the other side. Once you have both sides browned and crispy, place into the oven for 12 min. Remove and let fish cool for about 5 min. before placing on serving platter.

In a separate pan on medium heat, add 1tbsp. olive oil & sliced garlic. Toast until light brown – about 3 minutes. Add sliced fresno chili, cook with garlic until soft (2 min). Turn pan to med/high heat and add white wine. Let the alcohol burn off, about 1 min. Add vegetable stock and reduce until thick enough to coat a spoon. Turn off heat. Slowly stir in the bottarga butter, careful not to boil or the sauce will break. Once the butter is incorporated, taste for salt – add if necessary. Pour contents of the pan over red snapper, carefully spooning some sauce into the belly. Garnish with Chopped Chives & Bread Crumbs. Serve over rice. Enjoy!

Oscar’s Cerveteca, Venice Beach

Oscar's Cerveteca, Venice Beach

Oscar's Cerveteca, Venice Beach

Inspired by the flavorful blend of the city of Los Angeles is Oscar’s Cerveteca, Venice Beach. This is a tasty staple in this popular, and growing California neighborhood. Casual and inviting, the menu boasts dishes with latin flavors and many of the recipes from owner Oscar Hermosilo’s mother. You can find anything from gourmet burgers, to fish tacos, to an “LA street dogg” on this menu, and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed by anything. The food here is gourmet, with a strong homestyle feel to it, making this restaurant perfect for any occasion.

The impressive and inventive menu at Oscar’s doesn’t stand alone however. An impressive selection of beers, wines, and cocktails are available ion this Venice Beach go-to. With over 100 beers to choose from, you’d think he’d stop there. However, the simple and well-curated wine list offers an even selection of whites, reds, and sparkling wines. The selection does vary across different wine regions, but offers a California produced Chardonnay among others, to keep the flavor of California in the entire Oscar’s Cerveteca, Venice Beach experience.

Oscar's Cerveteca, Venice Beach

Alinea, Chicago

Alinea, Chicago

Alinea, Chicago

With as many talented chefs, sommeliers, and restauranteurs as there are across the world, it’s impressive to see a restaurant that can maintain a spot on the list of world’s greatest restaurants, have head chefs that are leading voices in molecular gastronomy, garner its own Wikipedia page, and boast a three star Michelin rating in Chicago (an honor that is in fact only boasted by two restaurants). The restaurant that I am bragging so much about is in fact Grant Achatz’ Alinea, Chicago. Every bit as good on table as it is on paper, Alinea is a dining experience that truly defines and re-imagines the experience all together.

Alinea’s tagline is “Alinea is not a restaurant…at least, not in the conventional sense”. This allure of mystery and contradiction are definitely a draw for a restaurant that has been described as “emotional and provocative”. Achatz’ creative culinary coup is a deconstruction of classic flavors and preparations. Although recent seasonal menus have most of the drama happening in the kitchen, former menus have boasted plenty of table theater—or have you not heard of the edible helium balloon (made of dehydrated apple), or the edible kinetic sculptures suspended by wires, or dishes plated directly at your table. A staple dish is the “Hot Potato”, in which you are served a cold potato, pierced by a needle in a paraffin bowl with a bit of butter, and a slice of black truffle. When you pull the pin out, everything falls into a pool of warm, creamy soup. The avant-garde composition and presentation is what Achatz has built the Alinea legacy on, offering diners not just a meal full of flavor, but a private experience that is seductive and extravagantly sinful for all of your senses.

Like any fine dining establishment, a night spent here is not without a drink selection to compliment the chef’s vision and creations. Since the cuisine here is presented as a rotating (and unconventional) tasting menu, the sommeliers’ skills are to be tested, but the Alinea standard is always fulfilled with a wine list that appeals to wine enthusiasts and neophytes across the board. Though wine director Joe Catterson finds his strength with most Austrian, Mediterranean, and German wines, you can find yourself lost in a variety of popular wine countries including Napa Valley, Bordeaux, and Australia’s Henschke Hill. A night at Alinea will last you about three hours. An experience that has been described as transcendent, you can expect nothing but the unexpected when stepping foot into this innovative, progressive, and remarkable Chicago hotspot.

Alinea, Chicago

Alinea, Chicago

Nobu, Los Angeles

Nobu, Los Angeles


Just one of the 28 different locations spanning the globe is Nobu, Los Angeles. For years, Nobu has held the standard for chic, innovative dining, and this location certainly holds that standard to the highest. Separated into three separate dining rooms, and one bar/lounge, this L.A. hotspot creates a distinct feel for each room to enhance and create your Californian night out. For a laid-back evening that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic or culinary appeal, you can find a spot in the Nobu bar/lounge and enjoy a hand-crafted, high quality cocktail, or a few bites from the tapas menu that is available.

The different menus at Nobu have been curated and crafted by co-founder and celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who’s stylish japanese fusion food has influenced generations of young chefs across the country. Matsuhisa has ensured that his restaurants carry his signature dishes as well as a number of specials, unique to each Nobu location. In this Los Angeles location, one can choose a specialty dish such as: Wagyu Tacos, Seabass Jalapeño Miso, or Kanpachi Sashimi with Baby Artichoke and Yuzu Dressing. Each Nobu dish takes a traditional, and somewhat simple way of preparing ingredients and shapes it into something unique and flavorful.

And like any true dining experience, your evening at Nobu won’t be just about the food. Each restaurant also has a distinct and well curated wine and sake selection. All of the drinks offered are complimentary to the variation of Nobu flavors. The Nobu dining experience is one not to be missed. From the California wines to the California culinary fusion, Nobu brings a taste of Japanese culture to a Los Angeles palette.



Colicchio and Sons, New York

Colicchio and Sons, New York

Colicchio and Sons, New York

Located in the former home of Craftsteak, Colicchio and Sons, New York offers top-of-the-line American cuisine served in a comfortable and chic contemporary space in New York City. There are two menus at Colicchio & Sons, one in the casual Tap Room (located up front) and another in the proper dining room. Both menus were crafted by the restaurant’s founder Tom Colicchio, a well seasoned chef with a distinct level of prestige and notoriety in the culinary world.

Colicchio and Sons’ menus offer a unique taste and perspective to even the most adventurous of diners. There are elements of French technique to the cooking here, as well as an appreciable Italian dedication to ingredients. There are Indian flavors, and central European ones; there are nods also to Spain, to the Greenmarket, and to North Africa. The result (surprisingly) is a menu with an aesthetic that is entirely American, and entirely modern. At Colicchio and Sons you can lose yourself in the tasting menu, or the Chef’s Seasonal Menu that offers a variety of exotic and exclusive dishes. Or, if you’re not up for indulging you can have anything from escargot to a bacon, potato & chive crème fraîche pizza in the tap room. And if you’re still scratching your head you can distract yourself with plenty of wine, along with artisanal cheeses and exotic teas imported from far-off places like Armenia and Taiwan.

Colicchio owns and operates numerous restaurants that span the country, including Craft, Mr. Colicchio’s flagship restaurant (also located in NYC). At this sister restaurant there is no caramelized yogurt, no grape-pumpkin marmalade- the composed plates do not exhibit the sophistication currently on offer at Colicchio & Sons. When dining at Colicchio and Sons, one can expect the unexpected- a unique perspective on food, with an incomparable taste to boot.

Colicchio and Sons, New York

Colicchio and Sons, New York

Black Hogg, Los Angeles

Black Hogg, Los Angeles

Black Hogg, Los Angeles

Nestled in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake community is a small yet bold American gastropub with a unique and flavorful menu that has put it’s stamp on the Silver Lake scene. After opening in 2012, Black Hogg, Los Angeles quickly established itself as a tasty go-to and a neighborhood staple. With head chef Eric Park at the helm, this California kitchen produces what has been called “rustic-urban cooking” and maintains a very “meat-centric” menu. Park, an alumnus of the French Culinary Institute in New York is no stranger to the kitchen, having worked in some of New York’s top restaurants including Spotted Pig and Eleven Madison Park.

Park’s menu offers staples like a buttery lamb burger, or a roast marrow bone with cilantro radish salad and corn tortillas. You can pair your meal with either a wine or beer from their small but well curated selection which offers locally produced wines from Sonoma, St. Lucia, and Napa Valley.

Black Hogg is a contemporary treat brought to life by Eric Park’s inventive menu and big, bold flavors in a tiny space. Black Hogg continues with the daring profiles that have made it a comforting mainstay for the culinary adventurous Los Angeles diner, as well as a trusted neighborhood cornerstone. Black Hogg is an ideal spot for any wine lover, foodie, or L.A. locals looking for a dynamic new spot to dine.

Black Hogg, Los Angeles

Mooo…, Boston

Mooo..., Boston

Mooo..., Boston

Nestled in Beacon Hill is Mooo…,Boston a contemporary steakhouse located adjacent to the XV Beacon Hotel. Mooo is the brainchild of chef/owner Jamie Mammano who creates an atmosphere that is elegant and class, with a modern appeal. The decor is modern and inviting, creating a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. Despite it’s old time charm of a traditional steakhouse, Mooo tends to draw a variety of diners from all over Boston. Mammano’s menus highlight dishes that are classic to a steakhouse, yet appealing to a newer crowd. Dishes like Beef Wellington are served with Foie Gras and Spinach Duxelle, sides of mushroom risotto or B&B mushrooms are enough to share, and to compliment any meal. In fact, all of the Mooo dishes are generously portioned.

Also available at Mooo is an incredibly extensive wine list with over 325 labels. The selections range from the great Crus of Burgundy and Bordeaux to rarities from the Rhône Valley; from the iconic wines of Piedmont and Tuscany to a deep roster of touchstone Napa Valley producers. Their wine selection often rotates but is curated to carefully pair with any dish on the menu(s) to elevate any dining experience.

Mooo..., Boston

Mooo..., Boston

Harry’s Oyster and Seafood, Atlantic City

Harry's Oyster and Seafood, Atlantic City

Harry's Oyster and Seafood, Atlantic City

Atlantic City is known for is eclectic variety of restaurants, nightclubs, and tourist hot spots. The seaside city in New Jersey is also known for another thing: fresh seafood. Opened in 2011 on the site of the historic Dennis Hotel is Harry’s Oyster and Seafood, Atlantic City. This is a microbrewery that promised to make waves in Atlantic City. An affiliate of Dock’s Oyster House, this microbrewery was created and established by Harry (Dock) Dougherty’s great-grandson and his wife who were both seeking to reinvent the Oyster bar that Dougherty began in 1897. The restaurant showcases high quality, fresh seafood at reasonable prices, as well as some modern touches for all those who may stop into Harry’s.

Harry’s menu offers a dozen daily oyster selections both from the Pacific and the Atlantic, as well as multi-tiered shellfish displays of clams, lobster, and crab. This fusion restaurant combines sports, fresh seafood, and an approachable yet well curated selection of drafts, bottled beers, craft cocktails, and wine. The wine selection at Harry’s is a modest one but certainly not disappointing. With classic selections from Coastal California to the Pacific Northwest, you can’t go wrong with a glass of your favorite wine.

Harry’s Oyster and Seafood, Atlantic City is a fun, fresh way to spend an afternoon or an evening on the boardwalk. With a casual setting and an outstanding menu, Harry’s is a definite go-to.

Harry's Oyster and Seafood, Atlantic City

Harry's Oyster and Seafood, Atlantic City

Le Rouge Wine and Tapas, Orlando

Le Rouge Wine and Tapas, Orlando

Le Rouge Wine and Tapas, Orlando

Le Rouge Wine and Tapas, Orlando is a lush wine bar and tapas restaurant unlike any other in the Orlando area. The contemporary and upscale space (that also doubles as a music venue) was created by Mounir Elidrissi who wanted to develop a tapas lounge reminiscent of the ones he’d visited in Europe. Here you’ll find a warm, comfortable and welcoming décor, paired with a distinctively different meal and an evenly matched glass of wine. The carefully curated wine list offers a selection from around the globe- from Napa Valley to Spain.

Described as “little feasts”, these tapas are known to create the perfect amount of romance between you and your food. Real Spanish tapas have recipes revolving around the local products of Andalusia—ham, seafood, olives, salt cod and sausages—made to be eaten with casual company and a glass of a particularly tasty wine.

Live entertainment is also a benefit of Le Rouge. But Elidrissi’s european creation doesn’t offer your typical entertainment. While sipping on a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, you can enjoy artists that are typically found in large cabarets.

Le Rouge is located on the well known “Restaurant Row” in Orlando, Florida. Tucked within the beautifully landscaped plaza, it looks like a destination for a glass of wine or a first date, but foodies visiting town also come in seeking it out.

Le Rouge Wine and Tapas, Orlando

Le Rouge Wine and Tapas, Orlando

Fleetwood’s on Front Street, Lahaina HI

Fleetwood's on Front Street, HI

Fleetwood's on Front Street, Lahaina HI

Everyone knows who Mick Fleetwood is, but what many don’t realize is that aside from being one of the founding members and drummer of the legendary Fleetwood Mac, he is also a successful restauranteur in Lahaina, Maui. Fleetwood’s on Front Street, Lahaina HI was opened by Mick with the idea of serving “comfort food in solid portions” within a fine dining establishment. The restaurant, run by chef Scott Leibfried (formerly featured on Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen”), strives to honor the land, the people, and the neighborhood in this Hawaiian town. All ingredients are bought from local purveyors and farmers, and the restaurant grows its own herbs. Leibfried’s kitchen is all about freshness, and familiarity within the local community.

When dining at Fleetwood’s one can enjoy a variety of flavors, from Gnocci and Pears to a 72 Hour Short Rib served with rosemary polenta, rainbow carrots, and a savory demi glace. The sommelier also curates an extensive and enjoyable wine list that boasts plenty of Mick Fleetwood’s own wines as well as a selection from Coastal California and other popular wine regions. If you find yourself touring the beaches of Maui, this Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s restaurant is a perfect spot for any relaxing, and flavorful dining experience.

Fleetwood's on Front Street, Lahaina HI

Ai Fiori, New York

Ai Fiori, New York

Ai Fiori, New York

Run by the Altamarea Group’s Michael White, this New York restaurant offers inventive preparations from the land and the sea, inspired by the Italian Riviera. Ai Fiori, New York is a classic fine dining experience that offers inventive Italian cuisine with French preparation and technique. White’s signature pastas offer flavorful interpretations of Italian cuisine in a refined yet playful setting in Midtown NY’s Setai Midtown Hotel. A meal here could begin with the roasted squab breast with Madeira sauce, parsnip puree and a foie gras filled croquette, only to move on to one White’s unique dishes that incorporates blue crab, lemon, chilies, and fresh bottarga atop spaghetti— giving a classic ingredient an inventive and flavorful spin.

White is a world renowned chef with his Michelin starred restaurants spanning the globe. We love White’s cuisine and his sophisticated take on some of our favorite ingredients.We also love his expansive and well curate wine list that carries wines to effortlessly pair with any meal from his kitchen. This master list carries wine from all different region, from California, to Italy, to France. White’s refined restaurant offers a sophisticated meal, with a one of a kind dish, and a one of a kind glass of wine– what more can we ask for?



J&G Steakhouse, Scottsdale

J&G Steakhouse Scottsdale

J&G Steakhouse Scottsdale

Inspired by Michelin starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is J&G Steakhouse, Scottsdale. This extension of the Jean-Georges name is located at the top of the Phoenician and offers diners breathtaking views of the Valley and of the Arizona sunsets. Surrounded by the beautiful views and the lush, comfortable decor, is what Vongerichten calls “elevated comfort food”. The dishes at J&G Steakhouse, Scottsdale are traditional yet refined. Luxurious yet accessible. The dinner menu offers a large selection of meats from the grill, as well as seafood dishes such as a Slow Cooked Salmon with brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, and a truffle vinaigrette.

As with any top tier steakhouse, J&G curates an exceptional wine list. Wines come from France, to South Africa, to Coastal California and more. This dining experience offers a brief and satisfying break from reality in Scottsdale. From the spectacular view, to the traditional culinary favorites, this Steakhouse is a new favorite in Arizona.

J&G Steakhouse Scottsdale

Patois, New Orleans

Patois, New Orleans

Patois, New Orleans

The building that houses executive chef Aaron Burgau’s Patois isn’t where you’d expect to find the latest Uptown hot spot in New Orleans. The space previously housed a smokey barroom that was frequented by LSU and Tulane sports fans, and known for not much more than their neighborhood appeal and po’ boys. After its first renovation is became an Italian restaurant but after its second renovation, it became one of the most exciting restaurants in the area.Patois is intimate and artful with a rustic feel that can only be found in the rich history of Louisiana. A part of that rustic charm can be found in Burgau’s plates, that often build upon traditional Louisianan culinary themes.

To start you can order a small plate of the Bayou Pigeon Frog Legs with Vietnamese caramel, cherry tomatoes, shaved fennel, and red onion before moving onto the Gulf Fish Almondine, or the ever intriguing Mississippi Rabbit. The dishes, rich with fresh seafood and other staple ingredients, offer traditional southern indulgence with an elegance you could only find in the city.Richer dishes like the rabbit stuffed with boudin allow for more indulgence with a glass of red wine, perhaps from the Russian River Valley, or other Coastal Californian selections. The wine list at Patois is diverse enough for all varieties of drinkers (and grapes), enough so that it almost seems necessary to compliment your Patois dish with a glass.

Patois is a must for any New Orleans diner. Aaron Burgau has been labeled as the “Seafood King of Louisiana”, but his menu goes far beyond that. This NOLA dining experience leaves you not only with the flavor of Louisiana but with the pulsing energy that only the city of New Orleans can provide.

Patois, New Orleans

Salt’s Cure, Los Angeles

Salt's Cure, Los Angeles

Salt's Cure, Los Angeles

Salt’s Cure, Los Angeles may not have the flair of other trendy LA restaurants, but the food speaks for itself. Tucked into the West Hollywood scene is a deceptively modest restaurant with a bare aesthetic and a seemingly humble menu scrawled on a blackboard: Raw beef. Blackened albacore. Goat chops. Straight to the point, yes. The food however, is far from basic. Cleverly so, large portions and “hunks” of everything meat is the specialty at Salty’s Cure. Chefs Chris Phelps and Zak Walters may lure you in with the promise of a carnivore’s dream but they have something much more distinct.
Straight-ahead flavors and simple presentation.

Every meal at Salt’s Cure includes ingredients grown and raised in California, all of which are carefully butchered and crafted in house. Despite the simple aesthetic, every detail is carefully placed from the food to the drinks. The award-winning wine list is carefully crafted to make for excellent wine-and-food pairings. And of course, all of the wine is from California and produced either organically and/or biodynamically by small producers.

Salt’s Cure manages to find complexity in simplicity while opting to showcase flavor through straightforward preparation. The open kitchen and laid-back concept makes the restaurant friendly and engaging. Charming and relaxed. There is a dedication to offering honest food that supports the local community, and the principle that “if it’s not within six hours of the restaurant, it’s not on the plate”. This restaurant is one not overlooked on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Salt's Cure, Los Angeles

Salt's Cure, Los Angeles

BLT Steak, Honolulu

BLT Steak, Honolulu

BLT Steak, Honolulu
As a part of the Trump Hotel chain, BLT Steak in Honolulu maintains the standard of sophistication and quality in this tropical location. Designed around the idea of the traditional steakhouse, BLT Steak brings its signature culinary style and impeccable French technique to Honolulu’s famed Waikiki Beach. Elevating the classic American steakhouse with its signature style, the fine dining menu at BLT offers prime cuts of beef, fresh seafood, a wide variety of tempting side dishes, and classic American desserts. Regional blackboard specials feature local fish, local produce, and a number of raw bar selections for those wanting to indulge in Hawaii’s fresh selections from the sea.
And like any well equipped steakhouse, there is an extensive and well curated wine list to complement the world class dishes. Their wine selection showcases a number of pairing wines from California to Italy and France. An indulgent dinner can’t be without an indulgent pairing.
The dining experience at BLT Steak is one of elegance and class. If you’re ever in Honolulu don’t forget to stop by BLT for a night out in paradise with LOLA Wines.
BLT Steak, Honolulu
BLT Steak, Honolulu

MR CHOW, Los Angeles

MR CHOW, Los Angeles

MR CHOW, Los Angeles

Another restaurant in which its reputation precedes it, is MR CHOW’s chic Los Angeles location. Beginning in 1974, the Beverly Hills location of this world famous restaurant immediately put a stamp on Hollywood as a bustling high-end Chinese restaurant where traditional cuisine meets a trendy ambience that attracts the “Who, What, and Where” of the city.
The walls are adorned with the works of Andy Warhol, and the tables are adorned by plates inspired by Old Beijing and glasses filled with a selection from MR CHOW’s cocktail and wine menu. Master Chef Eddie Wong’s recipes and hand pulled noodles are perfect for a taste of the old world meeting the new.
This longstanding Hollywood restaurant is perfect for any adventurous night out in Los Angeles where the atmosphere is buzzing, the food is consistent and interesting, and the wine is always flowing.


MR CHOW, Los Angeles

Nobu, New York

Nobu, New York
When you think of Nobu Matsuhisa’s ongoing trend of chic, contemporary fusion restaurants, you must first think of Nobu’s New York location— the starting place of the Nobu partnership and dedication to style, and innovative cuisine. Settled in the city’s Tribeca neighborhood is the Nobu vision where one can experience the always interesting trend and standard of Japanese fusion cuisine.
This restaurant’s longstanding popularity and devoted following are a tribute to Nobu putting his own spin on traditional Japanese cooking. The resulting dishes over the years have included Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño, Tiradito Nobu Style, Lobster with Wasabi Pepper Sauce, and Black Cod Miso. These popular dishes have made Nobu the innovator of new style Japanese food.
But it is often for the atmosphere and bar that the people in Manhattan travel to Nobu for. The Nobu flagship offers a large selection of signature craft cocktails, sake, and an extensive wine selection that allows for a pairing that can be crafted to a wide variety of tastes. Known for its indistinguishable and infamous reputation, this Nobu location remains a longtime favorite.

Nobu, New York

Nobu, New York

LOLA Wines Cheers on The Tampa Bay Lightning!

Tampa Bay Lightning Bolts—2015 Playoffs


With a shared appreciation for fine food, wine, culture, and a passion for supporting the local community, LOLA Wines, The Tampa Bay Lightning and Amalie Arena have joined forces to celebrate the Bolts’ postseason advancements in the 2015 Playoffs.  

LOLA had the opportunity to collaborate and design a special edition label in honor of this year’s playoffs and our partnership with the Tampa Bay Lightning Team. The Amalie Arena is now offering  LOLA wines not only in the luxury boxes, but also in all of the concession booths. We’re so proud to be able to support The Lightning Team’s efforts in providing new and elevated sporting and entertainment experience to the Tampa Bay community and our home town.

Tonight, the Bolts are gearing up for Game 3 against Montreal. We are getting ready for the celebrations, and can’t wait to see The Tampa Bay Lightning make it to the Stanley Cup.

There’s nothing better than showing support for your home team with a glass of LOLA x Lightning wine. GO BOLTS!
Tampa Bay Lightning Bolts—2015 Playoffs
Tampa Bay Lightning Bolts

404 Kitchen, Nashville

404 Kitchen Nashville Tennessee

404 Kitchen, Nashville
Nashville has always been known for it’s flavorful southern cuisine, but at the 404 Kitchen, chef Matt Bolus is dishing out fresh, local, and incredibly interesting plates for all those seeking a unique, and hip dining experience. Described as interesting but not pretentious Bolus strives to create the illusion that everything you are eating is simple and uncomplicated. However, every dish is prepared with innovative thought, and interesting flavors. This modest Nashville spot serves up anything from rabbit, to burrata, to cruto, to radishes swimming in hot butter with preserved lemon. The plates at 404 Kitchen have a sense of familiarity to them by amplifying and reinventing flavors you already know and love.

One of our favorite dishes is the “Truffled Egg Study”, which consists of a Wedge Oak Farm poached egg with chitarra pasta, Cortez bottarga, hackleback caviar, and bianchetti truffles. Chef Bolus has always had a passion for creating fresh seafood dishes, especially ones that offer ways to use the entire fish. He found the perfect partner with our sister company Anna Maria’s Cortez Bottarga and told us recently that, “everything that is important to me is addressed in their production of this amazing old world food. Sustainable, traditionally made with salt and sun, and delicious! How can that be beat?” We love that with Bolus and the 404 Kitchen, we have the opportunity to have Anna Maria’s Cortez bottarga served in a restaurant with innovative vision, bold flavors, and authentic creations.

All of Bolus’ one of a kind dishes can be paired with a complimentary glass of wine from a well curated selection brought to the restaurant by sommelier, Travis Brazil. Brazil crafts the wine and cocktail lists to compliment Bolus’ cooking and to stand up next to such an innovative and flavorful menu. 404 Kitchen, Nashville is one of our Tennessee hotspots, with a rustic chic, contemporary charm that feels new and explorative, yet comfortable and familiar.

404 Kitchen, Nashville

404 Kitchen, Nashville


LOLA’s Road Trip Down South

William Faulkner Statue, Oxford Alabama

Arnaud's New Orleans

As much as we love this time of year in Calistoga, we felt that it was time to travel South and show our friends and partners of LOLA a little love. So, Jason and I packed our bags and headed to some of our favorite southern cities for a taste of local flavors and our favorite LOLA pairings.

For LOLA’s road trip down South, our first stop was Nashville. Known for it’s bold flavors, rich history, and legendary music, we decided to jump right in with dinners and private tastings at Kayne Prime and The Southern. Kayne Prime takes the idea of a classic upscale steakhouse and blends it with the ideas and aesthetics of a “chef-chic” contemporary boutique restaurant. Ranked in the top ten steakhouses in the U.S., Chris Hyndman’s passion project offers a variety of carefully picked wines, and dishes that include perfectly aged steaks and fresh lobster.
The Southern also serves up a not-to-miss steak, but gives Nashville a variety of different flavors as well. Every entree at The Southern tells a story and is prepared with local produce, sustainable seafood, and a variety of exotic ingredients. Chef Matt Farley has something special here in Nashville with his shuck-to-order oyster bar and diverse flavors. This is one of our favorite spots to settle down for a glass of well chosen wine and a unique plate that provides a “Southern experience with a twist”.

After filling up on Nashville’s finest cuisine and wines, we moved onto New Orleans. This Louisiana city is drenched in the shadows of mystery, magic, and a culture of food and drink as rich as its history. This city is no stranger to a strong culinary culture and vibrant nightlife, but for Jason and I, we had an experience unlike any other. We first stopped into Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar for some fresh Louisiana seafood and drinks. Fresh-shucked oysters and creole staples make this restaurant a classic and casual go-to for any NOLA trip.
But, the most moving part of our entire trip was at Bacchanal, founded by Chris Rudge. One of LOLA’s original supporters, Chris was a longtime friend from a Florida town that neighbors my own hometown. Chris has supported LOLA since it’s beginnings, and we were looking forward to seeing him in his New Orleans based restaurant and wine laboratory in the Ninth Ward. Unfortunately, our friend passed away before we had the opportunity to see him, leaving us saddened before our stay. We took this opportunity in NOLA to remember Chris, and to honor his memory at the beautiful, inventive restaurant that he created. There was art, music, and of course wine. Everything our LOLA friend would have loved. Though our time at Bacchanal was bittersweet, it was the best part of our trip celebrating the life of a visionary such as Chris. He is gone but never forgotten in the LOLA family.

After our time in New Orleans, we moved onto Alabama where we spent time in both Birmingham and Oxford. In Birmingham, we had the pleasure of meeting legendary chef Frank Stitt. Both Frank and his wife Pardis, showed us nothing short of supreme southern hospitality.The staff at their Italian-inspired southern restaurant, Bottega, presented us with a phenomenal menu and fantastic service, along with a LOLA tasting. Our evening with the Stitts was incredible, and we had one of the best meals of this year. We also took the opportunity to stop into Stitt’s other restaurant Highlands Grill. Since our time in Birmingham, Highlands Grill has been nominated for Best Restaurant under the James Beard Foundation. Congratulations are in order for our friends Frank and Pardis, and everyone at Highlands Grill for their well deserved nomination!

After Birmingham, we ended our trip in Oxford. Oxford was an exciting conclusion to our journey. William Faulkner is laid to rest here, and seeing as he is my favorite author, I had to stop by his statue in the town’s center as well as his grave. Also during our time here, John Currence and chef Sean Brock (of Husk fame, and one of the nation’s top chefs) were both participating in a “chef throwdown” with Mexican street food at the Lamar Lounge. John’s restaurants City Grocery and Snackbar both serve Anna Maria’s bottarga and will soon be pouring LOLA, so we went out to show our support.

Our trip was filled with so much food and wine—but even better than that—it was filled with amazing friends of LOLA. We are lucky to have been surrounded by such wonderful friends (and those we consider to be family) during this time, and we look back to returning to these southern cities.

Bacchanal New Orleans Live Music

Southern Art

Oxford Alabama, Faulkner's Tomb



Snackbar Oxford Alabama

Oxford's Big Bad Minero Pop-Up

A Spring Weekend at the LOLA House

The LOLA Garden Calistoga

LOLA Weekend Dinnertable

Every weekend brings with it a certain sense of freedom, relaxation, and the comfort of knowing that we can finally take a break from work. At the LOLA House, we look forward to our weekends, and the time when we can entertain, relax, and enjoy Springtime in Calistoga with friends and family. And it just happens to be a full house at the LOLA House this weekend! We have friends and family from Venice Beach, Florida, and New York happily joining us. With the weather and landscape as beautiful as it is, we try to take every opportunity we can to be outside.

We started our Saturday hiking and exploring the vineyards, with our guests from the house, and Lola leading the pack. After a full morning of sunshine, scenery, and a warm breeze that seemed to follow us on our trails, we were lucky to find Seth’s mother Nancy’s special spaghetti (tossed with fresh shaved bottarga) waiting for us for our LOLA lunch. Paired with a crisp and refreshing glass of LOLA Dry Riesling, it was simple yet elegant California wine country experience. After lunch, it’s back to nature with a trip to Calistoga’s famous hot springs before heading back to the LOLA House to prep for an evening of festivities.

Dinnertime is when the LOLA House really begins to come to life. In and out of the kitchen, our house chef and Seth’s brother Mic already had a full menu planned. Fresh vegetables from the LOLA garden and local seafood make the perfect choice for any coastal Californian meal. Dinner al fresco with LOLA family and friends started with a wine tasting of Seth’s Sparkling Rose and LOLA Dry Riesling, this was paired with a medley of local cheeses and cured seafood. Our favorites from dinner include: the LOLA Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley, and a Chardonnay from the Sonoma Coast to pair with Chef Mic’s LOLA Signature Asparagus with Bottarga On Egg, and Pan Seared Swordfish. Both of which were clean yet decadent. Each dish was packed with fresh flavors and seasoned to perfection with the addition of umami-packed golden bottarga from Anna Maria Fish Company. However, the best part of our dinner party at the LOLA House was after our meal when we sat around the open fire pit talking, drinking wine, and enjoying a piece of freshly made mango pie.

LOLA Weekend Trees

LOLA Weekend Spaghetti

LOLA Weekend Veg

LOLA Weekend Seth

LOLA Weekend Asp

LOLA Weekend Dinner

LOLA Weekend Mango Pie

Locanda Osteria and Bar, San Francisco


Locanda Osteria and Bar, San Francisco is known for two things in California: a passion for all things Roman, and an inventive culinary display of that passion. Locanda’s head chef, Anthony Strong, started as a line cook at Locanda’s sister restaurant Delfina in 2005, eventually moving his way up to running not one but two restaurants. Locanda’s head chef likes to focus on how the traditional roman technique can be modernized and reinterpreted for his own recipes and dishes. Dishes include Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe, dressed simply and exquisitely in pecorino and black pepper; and a muscular Rigatoni alla Carbonara with house-cured guanciale.

Locanda’s bar crafts in-house cocktails with popular Italian elixirs like Aperol and Strega, while also boasting an impressive wine list, which spans not just Italy, but Spain, France, The Canary Islands, and other ancient Roman outposts. Not to be missed, you’ll want to “do as the romans” and check into this San Franciscan hot spot.

Gjelina, Venice Beach

Gjelina, Venice Beach


Leading the pack in innovative cuisine and ingredients is Travis Lett’s Gjelina, nestled in California’s Venice Beach. Like other popular Venice Beach eateries, Lett’s restaurant boasts a trendy, casual yet exclusive vibe. Gjelina, Venice Beach is a hip, no mods, no frills kind of restaurant with impressive culinary results. The menu, at first glance is seemingly simple with signature pizzas being it’s main attraction. However, Lett is in fact known for his impressive thin crust pizzas, even offering one topped with smoked mozzarella, confit tomato, jalapeño, arugula, lemon, and bottarga (a thinly shaved caviar fresh from the Florida Gulf). Ingredients like bottarga, and other fresh, unique flavors are used frequently in Lett’s kitchen. He even has a cold appetizer that consists of coal smoked leeks, burrata, vinaigrette, shaved chives and bottarga that is as enjoyable as it is unique in flavor.

Like all smart restauranteurs, Lett doesn’t forget the most important part of any enjoyable meal, the wine. The Gjelina wine list is a well balanced addition to the menu and the restaurant. Casual yet refined, unique, and cool cuisine is served at Gjelina, and we love the results. And we can’t forget Gjelina sister cafe and bakery Gjusta with their fresh baked breads, pickled items, and extended hours. The Gjelina empire is taking over in Venice Beach and we can’t wait to check out what’s next for Lett and his creative culinary works.

Recipes: LOLA Signature Dish – Cellentani Pasta


Why stick to the usual BBQ when you can make something unexpected, refreshing, and healthy for a special holiday (4th of July) or just a Summer get together with friends?

LOLA’s signature dishes are only made available by Chef Mic Cripe at the LOLA House. However, if you can’t make it to Napa Valley, we’d love to have you recreate our favorite dish whenever you feel like it! We assure you that LOLA’s Cellentani with Charred Broccolini & Cortez Bottarga will be a crowd pleaser!

LOLA's Signature Healthy Recipe - Cellentani Pasta - Cellentani Pasta  With Charred Broccolini & Cortez Bottarga


News & Updates from LOLA’s Four-Legged Resident

Greetings from LOLA the Dog


Hi, Everyone. This is LOLA. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen everyone, so I want to give you an update about me and what’s going on at LOLA.

1. I just attended the Wags & Wine event recently where we helped raise a lot of money for my less fortunate four-legged friends. I hope with everyone’s kind donations, we’ll be able to help find them really great caretakers and homes.

2. I’ve been really busy this Summer keeping everyone company at the new LOLA House (aka my palace in Napa Valley). Can you tell that I’m really excited and happy to live in my new home?

3. I’m currently on a camping trip with my friend, LOLA Wines founder and winemaker Seth Cripe and his really cool friends. There are tons of activities that I can’t participate, such as abalone hunting and surfing, but I’m pretty happy here to just help them keep an eye out at the camping site.

I hope you are having just as great of a Summer as I am.


Seth Cripe and LOLA at the LOLA House


LOLA Camping in Northern California

Inspire Community – LOLA’s Founder and Winemaker’s Interview with AMI Radio 1700AM

AMI Radio Station Interview with Seth Cripe


Winemaker, Entrepreneur and Anna Island native, Seth Cripe, recently spoke with Anna Maria Island Radio AM 1700 about his passion for creating the next generation of American wine. 

Listen to the full interview here to find out Seth’s path from a self-taught wine enthusiast at an early age to a well traveled and learned winemaker after spent his 20s at some of the most renowned wineries in the world. Now the proud owner of LOLA Wines, Seth is more passionate and enthusiastic than ever about the wine business and creating the next generations of great Californian wines.

Seth Cripe LOLA Wines Winemaker

Inaugural Tasting Event at the LOLA HOUSE


Our inaugural tasting event took place this past Thursday. Guests enjoyed a lot of great wines from LOLA and a variety of LOLA signature dishes prepared by Chef Mic Cripe. Big thanks to all of the guests who made the trip to Calistoga for this momentous event. We’ve been working hard to build the LOLA House so we can host all of the special friends and family who have supported LOLA over the years.

Thank you and we can’t wait to see you soon at the LOLA HOUSE! Next time you are in town, don’t forget to book a reservation with so you can enjoy our signature dishes (only available at the LOLA House).

– From all of us at LOLA
 THE FOOD: guests enjoyed grilled summer fruit with mint and
a variety of artisanal cheeses before the main dishes.
#1 LOLA Signature Dish:Oven Roasted Vegetables (Carrots, Fennel, Celery, Bok Choy, Green Onion) w/ Carrot Top Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella, Shaved Cortez Bottarga.
LOLA HOUSE  TASTING EVENT Roasted Vegetables with bottarga
#2 LOLA Signature Dish: Watermelon Salad w/ Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh ginger, Lime Zest/Juice, Honey, Sweet Balsamic, Chopped Mint, Topped with Fresh Burrata.


#3 LOLA Signature Dish: Kale & Arugala Salad w/ Raw Corn, Radish, Avocado, Parmesan, Fresh Lemon Juice, Shaved Cortez Bottarga.
#4 LOLA Signature Dish: Cellentani Pasta, Charred Broccolini, Sliced Garlic, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, Green Onion, Shaved Cortez Bottarga
#5 LOLA Signature Dish: Orzo w/ Braised Baby Octopus, Sliced Garlic, Cracked Black Pepper, Basil, Parsley, Shaved & Sliced Cortez Bottarga

Mr. Morgan’s Summer Soiree at the Morgan Library and Museum


– The Morgan’s Library and Museum in New York –

The Young Fellows of the Morgan Library & Museum held its annual Summer Soiree on Wednesday, June 25. We were among the hundreds of guests who attended the event and enjoyed a night of hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and live music beneath the recently unveiled Spencer Finch installation in Gilbert Court. The unforgettable moment was having a glass of wine in Mr. Morgan’s Library and looking through his collection of first edition books and scripts.

Mr. Morgan's Soiree at the Morgan Library and Museum




Good Eats with LOLA at Maison Premiere

Good Eats with LOLA at Maison Premiere in Brooklyn NY


We recently went to Maison Premiere for brunch; not to our surprise, it was amazing!

The location Williamsburg Brooklyn

The decor: Inspired by hotel lobbies

The story: Maison Premiere is an Oyster House and Cocktail Den reflective of the staple establishments of New York, Paris and New Orleans.

The food and drinks: Don’t skip on the seafood, Rose and absinthe drinks! Maison Premiere is a laid back and cool spot in Brooklyn where seafood lovers can enjoy fresh oysters, cocktail shrimps, clams, and a variety of other delights from the sea (SEA URCHIN!) with a nice selection of wines and signature cocktails. Whether you are an expert or a novice, you’ll enjoy trying the wide selection of oysters offered at Maison Premiere.

Rose and oyster cocktail shrimp bloody mary

<Poached eggs with boiled oysters, whelks, leeks and potatoes>

Boiled oysters, whelks, leeks, potatoes and poached eggs at Maison Premiere

<Razor clam with mint>

Razerclam with mint at Maison Premiere

<Oysters and Shrimp Cocktail Galore>

Oysters, cocktail shrimp, cockles at Maison Premiere

LOLA’s Tasting Event in Nantucket, MA

6.2 – 6.4

It’s our first time in Nantucket, MA and it’s been an amazing trip. Nice weather, nice view, and a lot of nice wine. We can’t wait to share LOLA Wines with everyone in Nantucket and MA. It’s going to be a great summer! Thanks Wine Pro for making our trip to Nantucket so special.

<On our way to the wine tasting event>

LOLA in Nantucket - Tasting Event

<Wine tasting venue>

LOLA Tasting event venue in Nantucket

<LOLA tasting event>

LOLA wine tasting table

<In good company>

Red wines Summer wine tasting in Nantucket

LOLA’s Summer Trip to Ibiza

LOLA's summer trip to Ibiza Spain

5.31 – 6.5

LOLA’s adventure to Ibiza Spain

Ibiza may be known for its night life and party scenes, but we had the most fun at the break of dawn when everything was calm and peaceful after a night of eating, drinking, and dancing. To us, the most unforgettable sceneries from Ibiza were the beach, the sand, the water, the fresh seafood, and the beautiful company.

Sunrise in Ibiza

Ibiza Beach

Sunset at Sant Antoni Ibiza Club

Seafood in Ibiza

Razerclam in Ibiza

Langostines from Ibiza Spain

Spring Garden Party at the Frick Collection

LOLA Wines Spring Garden Party at the Frick Collection New York


– The Frick Collection New York –

We were among the nearly 500 guests who attended the Frick’s Spring Garden Party, Sprezzatura: A Celebration of Italian Renaissance Poetry and Style. As the evening began, we headed outside to the beautiful and rarely open Fifth Avenue Garden, which was landscaped to resemble gardens of the Italian Renaissance. Guests enjoyed the art, drinks, conversations, and ended the night with a lot of music and dancing. Needless to say, it was a magical evening!

Garden The Frick Collection

Atrium at the Frick collection Spring Garden Party

Dancing at the Spring Garden Party at the Frick Collection

Good Eats with LOLA at Contra NYC

An Unforgettable Sensory Dining Experience at CONTRA NYC


An Unforgettable Sensory Dining Experience at CONTRA NYC


It’s modern, understated, and everything food should be–a sensory experience of taste, sight, and smell. Can you tell that we are beyond excited?!

What kind of cuisine is Contra? Contemporary New York cuisine.

What is the menu like? Contra serves a menu that consists of 5-courses for $55/pp

What kind of experience? Total sensory overload!

What we had? Clam soup, scallop salad, braised short rib, and raspberry/strawberry wafers with ice cream

Contra NYC clam soup


Contra NYC Scallops

Contra NYC desserts

LOLA’s Tasting Event in Nashville, TN


– LOLA Wine Maker and founder Seth Cripe poured @JJ’s Wine Bar and Patrick’s Bistreaux in Nashville, TN –

It was so great to meet so many wine lovers and LOLA lovers at the event. Big thanks to JJ’s Wine Bar and Patrick’s Bistreaux for hosting us in Nashville. We love Nashville and can’t wait to go back!

LOLA at JJ's Wine Bar Wine Tasting Event

LOLA Wine Tasting Event at Patrick's Bistreaux

FolioCue Launch New York City


– The Judith Charles Gallery in New York –

During Armory Week in New York, LOLA sponsored the launch of FolioCue—a new online platform to discover leading artists and collect inspired styles—co-hosted by its founder Jamie Knowles and Laura de Gunzburg. More than 200 guests filled the gallery, including Pippa Cohen, Kyle de Woody, Bethany Brady (Art Advisor), Marlies Verhoeven (Collector) and Lily Snyder (daughter of James Snyder of the Israel Museum); artists Agathe de Bailliencourt, Rosemarie Fiore, Susanna Starr, and Michael Holman (also one of Basquiat’s original band mates); and RxArt President Diane Brown. Tesla Motors provided car service for VIPs, LOLA Wines kept the party going with LOLA Pinot Noir and LOLA Riesling and Aesop sent guests home with special treats. NYC-based video artist Banks Pappas created a special video piece to complement the Ben Eine exhibition, “Heartfelt,” which is on view at the gallery through March 16.

Ben Eine LOLA Event FOlioCue Launch at the Judith Charles Gallery in New York

Ben Eine LOLA Event FOlioCue Launch at the Judith Charles Gallery in New York

Ben Eine LOLA Event FOlioCue Launch at the Judith Charles Gallery in New York

Ben Eine LOLA Event FOlioCue Launch at the Judith Charles Gallery in New York

Ben Eine LOLA Event FOlioCue Launch at the Judith Charles Gallery in New York

LOLA Event FOlioCue Launch at the Judith Charles Gallery in New York

LOLA Event FOlioCue Launch at the Judith Charles Gallery in New York

Ben Eine LOLA Event FOlioCue Launch at the Judith Charles Gallery in New York

Polaner Tasting Event at Gotham Hall



LOLA Wines was among hundreds of other premier wine makers at the Polaner tasting event in New York this week. We had the pleasure of meeting sommeliers from leading local restaurants and wine stores in New York and New Jersey. Our winemaker, Seth Cripe, attended the event. As a bonus, we also ran into wine legends and long time LOLA friends and supporters, Cheryl Emmolo and Ric Forman at the event.


LOLA Wines Polaner New York Gotham Hall Event

LOLA Wines Polaner New York Gotham Hall Event Ric Forman Cheryl Emmolo Napa Valley

Heaven on Earth – Santorini Greece



Since we’ve been buried in frigid cold in the past month or so, we want nothing more than going somewhere far away with beautiful beach and lush green. Inevitably, we unanimously agreed that we can’t wait to book our next trip to Santorini Greece. Our last trip was full of meetings with interesting people, culinary adventures (+ lots of awesome Greek wines), and endless days of lounging in the sun and the Aegean Sea.

Ikies Oia Santorini Greece

Aegean Sea

sea urchin, fresh seafood, Greece, Santorini

Greek food, home cooked food, fresh seafood simply prepared

Greek Wines, Great Wines for food and seafood