Lola Founder and Winemaker

Born on Anna Maria Island | Made in Napa Valley

LOLA Founder Seth Cripe has studied wine from every part of the wine-making process, including planting, irrigating, thinning, pruning, harvesting and finessing vintages at the most prestigious wineries in the world. As a teenager, he left his school and home in Anna Maria Island, a fishing village off the coast of Florida, and arrived in Napa Valley to pursue his dream of producing naturally balanced and authentic coastal wines. In 2008, he founded LOLA, a winery that embodies that vision through its Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and Artisanal Series varieties. “A winemaker to me is a caretaker of what nature does on its own,” Cripe says. “We work with nature every step of the way to produce a wine that is almost as nature intended.” Cripe lives between his home in Napa Valley, and his native Anna Maria Island, where he produces critically acclaimed bottarga and caviar.




General Manager

Born and raised in Brazil, Tatiana had her first glass of great wine when she moved to San Francisco in 2003, and that was it! With a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management from Florida International University, she was a captain/staff trainer for Nobu Restaurants for several years, opening branches around the world. In 2014 she decided to move towards the world of wine business, first as a sales rep in Los Angeles, and now as our general manager at Lola. Today, Tati helps winemaker/proprietor Seth Cripe to run the daily operations of LOLA and ensures the brand reaches exceptional customer care, nationally and internationally.



LOLA House Matriarch

Mama Nancy is LOLA’s secondary mascot (outside Lola of course), and her presence can be felt throughout the grounds, floorboards, and gardens at LOLA House. Known for her hugs, kisses, warmth, her cheese platters, floral arrangements and overall aesthetic; these attributes all serve as secret weapons in LOLA’s operations. Having migrated from Anna Maria Island, Florida few years back to spend her “summers” in Napa Valley, she has become increasingly smitten with California’s charm, and now spends the majority of her time out west. If you are lucky enough to visit the LOLA house when Nancy is in town you will undoubtedly be greeted with an authenticity you will not soon forget.