Locanda Osteria and Bar, San Francisco


Locanda Osteria and Bar, San Francisco is known for two things in California: a passion for all things Roman, and an inventive culinary display of that passion. Locanda’s head chef, Anthony Strong, started as a line cook at Locanda’s sister restaurant Delfina in 2005, eventually moving his way up to running not one but two restaurants. Locanda’s head chef likes to focus on how the traditional roman technique can be modernized and reinterpreted for his own recipes and dishes. Dishes include Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe, dressed simply and exquisitely in pecorino and black pepper; and a muscular Rigatoni alla Carbonara with house-cured guanciale.

Locanda’s bar crafts in-house cocktails with popular Italian elixirs like Aperol and Strega, while also boasting an impressive wine list, which spans not just Italy, but Spain, France, The Canary Islands, and other ancient Roman outposts. Not to be missed, you’ll want to “do as the romans” and check into this San Franciscan hot spot.

Good Eats with LOLA at Maison Premiere

Good Eats with LOLA at Maison Premiere in Brooklyn NY


We recently went to Maison Premiere for brunch; not to our surprise, it was amazing!

The location Williamsburg Brooklyn

The decor: Inspired by hotel lobbies

The story: Maison Premiere is an Oyster House and Cocktail Den reflective of the staple establishments of New York, Paris and New Orleans.

The food and drinks: Don’t skip on the seafood, Rose and absinthe drinks! Maison Premiere is a laid back and cool spot in Brooklyn where seafood lovers can enjoy fresh oysters, cocktail shrimps, clams, and a variety of other delights from the sea (SEA URCHIN!) with a nice selection of wines and signature cocktails. Whether you are an expert or a novice, you’ll enjoy trying the wide selection of oysters offered at Maison Premiere.

Rose and oyster cocktail shrimp bloody mary

<Poached eggs with boiled oysters, whelks, leeks and potatoes>

Boiled oysters, whelks, leeks, potatoes and poached eggs at Maison Premiere

<Razor clam with mint>

Razerclam with mint at Maison Premiere

<Oysters and Shrimp Cocktail Galore>

Oysters, cocktail shrimp, cockles at Maison Premiere

Good Eats with LOLA at Contra NYC

An Unforgettable Sensory Dining Experience at CONTRA NYC


An Unforgettable Sensory Dining Experience at CONTRA NYC

@ www.contranyc.com

It’s modern, understated, and everything food should be–a sensory experience of taste, sight, and smell. Can you tell that we are beyond excited?!

What kind of cuisine is Contra? Contemporary New York cuisine.

What is the menu like? Contra serves a menu that consists of 5-courses for $55/pp

What kind of experience? Total sensory overload!

What we had? Clam soup, scallop salad, braised short rib, and raspberry/strawberry wafers with ice cream

Contra NYC clam soup


Contra NYC Scallops

Contra NYC desserts