Lola Founder and Winemaker

Born on Anna Maria Island | Made in Napa Valley

LOLA Founder Seth Cripe has studied wine from every part of the wine-making process, including planting, irrigating, thinning, pruning, harvesting and finessing vintages at the most prestigious wineries in the world. As a teenager, he left his school and home in Anna Maria Island, a fishing village off the coast of Florida, and arrived in Napa Valley to pursue his dream of producing naturally balanced and authentic coastal wines. In 2008, he founded LOLA, a winery that embodies that vision through its Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and Artisanal Series varieties. “A winemaker to me is a caretaker of what nature does on its own,” Cripe says. “We work with nature every step of the way to produce a wine that is almost as nature intended.” Cripe lives between his home in Napa Valley, and his native Anna Maria Island, where he produces critically acclaimed bottarga and caviar.




Director of Wholesale for LOLA Wines

Anthony has a tremendous amount of experience in the wine business, spending 5 years working under Bruce Neyers at Kermit Lynch and then the past 7+ years as National Sales Manager for The Rare Wine Company. His years of experience in the wine business certainly brings a new level of brand awareness and market strategy to LOLA, helping us raise the bar on all parts of our business from bottle to customer. His palate isn’t half bad either 😉 In 2011, Anthony earned the nearly impossible title of Master Sommelier. In fact for the past couple of years he has been 1 of 2 Master Sommelier’s that teaches ALL aspiring MS candidates the discipline that is Deductive Tasting.


Proprietress, Tasting Room Hostess, Online Sales/Marketing

Born in Brazil, Rafa has travelled the world extensively since the young age of 17. After living in South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle east, love brought Rafa (Seth’s wife) to our charming town of Calistoga in 2018.
With a degree in Psychology and fluent in 4 different languages, Rafa brings all of her world experience to LOLA, along with her bright and happy personality! In addition Rafa is truly an amazingly talented creative artist. She is responsible for all our creative projects at LOLA, from our online presence/email campaigns to the many art pieces and installations that you see at The LOLA House tasting room. Her warmth and pleasant personality provides an exceptional welcoming experience to all those who visit LOLA.



LOLA House Matriarch

Mama Nancy is LOLA’s secondary mascot (outside Lola of course), and her presence can be felt throughout the grounds, floorboards, and gardens at LOLA House. Known for her hugs, kisses, warmth, her cheese platters, floral arrangements and overall aesthetic; these attributes all serve as secret weapons in LOLA’s operations. Having migrated from Anna Maria Island, Florida few years back to spend her “summers” in Napa Valley, she has become increasingly smitten with California’s charm, and now spends the majority of her time out west. If you are lucky enough to visit the LOLA house when Nancy is in town you will undoubtedly be greeted with an authenticity you will not soon forget.



Direct-To-Consumer Sales / Tasting Room

An Anna Maria Island Florida Native, Marley spent the summer of 2006 in Napa Valley with her uncle Seth and knew she would one day call California home. Born into the restaurant business, she developed a passion for all things food and wine at a very young age. Throughout the years she flourished in many areas of the hospitality industry, helping to refine her customer service skills. Marley has a fine eye to detail and unmatchable drive, which helped her never lose sight of that California dream. Today she finally resides in Calistoga, handling all aspects of the tasting room and Direct-To-Consumer sales for LOLA Wines. She prides herself on her natural communication skills and strives to bring the Florida sunshine to all those who cross her path here at The LOLA House.